North Star Wellness Center

Shari Murgittroyd

Co-Founder of North Star Wellness Center

In Memory

August 29, 1967 -  August 23, 2020

Lauren Allswede

Co-Founder of North Star Wellness Center

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The North Star is a guide - a fixed point that provides direction even when the world around it is spinning.


At North Star, we believe that it is possible to find peace and be content even in difficult times. Often, our suffering comes from avoiding suffering. But when we can hold pain gently and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, our problems can pass with more ease and we can grow more authentically - we become wiser and more connected to others.


Strength isn't the absence of vulnerability or fear. Happiness isn't the absence of sadness. Safety isn't the absence of threat. Our peace can come from knowing how to be vulnerable, how to express sadness, how to navigate threat. As long as there have been humans, there has been trauma. And there has been healing from trauma. At North Star, we trust the innate wisdom of our bodies to heal - we often just help people get their brain on board with the intuitive and natural process of healing. 

We want to help people find their own ground and create their own path. We can't keep the world from spinning, and we can't change what's already happened. But, as service providers, we know that sometimes places that are supposed to be safe can sometimes cause harm instead. We are committed to safety. We want to heal trauma, not cause it. We honor the opportunity to serve, and, therefore, are actively grounded in our guiding principles.  

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