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Senior Clinician & Training Consultant


Tamra is the first to admit she prefers the company of dogs and cats over most people. Although an avid animal lover, she cares deeply about humanity and in her spare time provides therapy and training for North Star.

Sup? This is Shari writing Tamra's bio; she made me. Not because she's bossy, but because she is so humble (plus we had a deadline). Tamra has expertise in SO many areas.  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), working with teens in the juvenile justice and grieving families to name a few.


Tamra has a doctorate in Philosophy and a few years back decided to return to grad school and earn another degree...this time in Social Work!  She truly embodies the ethics and philosophy of Social Work and the various forms of intervention. Tamra enjoys working one-on-one with therapy clients, yet is passionate about systems and cultural change at a macro level.
Important work, indeed.


Tamra builds trust and rapport with new clients with her gentle nature and accepting persona. She's thoughtful, non-judgmental and full of compassion. She also has mad experience in crisis intervention, sexual assault, relationship violence, substance abuse and grief.


Dr. Tamra Frei, LLMSW

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Fax: 517.455.7560